Ubud & Beyond Festival | August 24-28, 2022

Ubud & Beyond Festival

23-27 August, 2023



Ubud & Beyond Festival was born from a passion for developing and maintaining Ubud’s rich arts and culture. As the next generation, we must constantly strive to stimulate this innovative development by supporting and directing it without forgetting our roots.

Ubud & Beyond Festival is a landmark event to show how far this innovation has developed by displaying new works born by artists including Ubud, Bali, but not limited to the archipelago. With the tagline: Nature, Culture, Future, based on the Tri Samaya concept (past, present, and future), we hope to continue to provide a platform for future generations to have a balance culture adaptation.


Art Performances

jauk dance

Experience live collaborative art performancesand composers from 15+ art communities from traditional colossal to contemporary dances   Witness our true talented dancers’ twists of modern and traditional instruments, compositions, and unique aesthetics.

Music Festival

Be ready to get together with your friends, family, partners – lets have fun and listen to the combination between contemporary and classic modern genres. Here are the highlights of the music performers we have this year – Di Ubud Band, Balawan Ethnic Fusion, UnBrocken, Allfy Rev and many more.

Award Night

This year’s festival has a special glimpse as we are honoring the late Dr. I Nyoman Cerita SST, MFA. – one of Bali’s most inspiring artists for a “Jauk Manis” dance as well as an academic of performing arts. Born and raised in a small village called Singapadu in Gianyar Regency of Bali, his childhood was full of dedication and dreams until he became a performer and icon. Under Sanggar Tedung Agung – The Ubud Royal Palace’s art community for years, he managed himself to have figure of a father for all the young generation in continuing the legacy of the performing arts.

Culinary Festival

Food is just another aspect of an art! Here, everyone is invited to celebrate the diversity of local Ubud and the global cuisine. Nearly 60+ food & beverages stalls participate the four-days hype in promoting and introducing home cooking food from small business entrepreneurs to youth groups. Come hungry because you will leave wishing you had room for more!

Kids Zone

It wouldn’t be a festival without something special for our young visitors. Kids can enjoy the bouncy houses and other games and activities at the playground.


Ubud & Beyond was firstly found and aimed to be a community-based movement involving art and social groups. So, we’re open for any potential collaboration in the future to create more positive impacts for our beloved Ubud and Bali in general.